I am a San Diego based photographer, specializing in natural-light portraiture for newborns, children and families. Aside from photography, my greatest joy is being a mom to my sweet (almost) two year old little girl. 

I like to say photography found me. It began my senior year of high school, onto college, my first job out of college (not photography related) to starting my business in 2010. My style has evolved from the beginning and being a mom has created the most growth emotionally and creatively. I definitely view life though my camera lens differently now. To me, photographing families is capturing your family as you are now and all the sweet, some times challenging moments in between.

My photographic style is clean, clutter free images that let the natural beauty of the child shine. My job is to help you remember tomorrow how beautiful your child is today. You’ve seen those moments, all parents have...when your child looks up and recognizes that you are there, the one they love most. Or when you’ve delighted them and their laughter is the breathless kind that makes everyone within earshot smile. Or perhaps it’s one of those times when your child forgets you’re there and falls deep into the thoughts children ponder...

It's simple, but not easy. I have to make your children feel safe enough to be themselves.